A fairytale come to life, there is on other way it could be right.  As flowers scent the isles and the wedding bells are ringing, let us open your eyes and fill your hearts as your wedding day fantasy transform into reality. By Janet S.M.

The Consultants at Personal Touch Designs job is to:

  • We take your words, your thoughts and love; we build on your vision so that it may be seen in your heart for years to come.
  • We accommodate your wishes and needs within your financial boundaries.
  • We eliminate all of your worries.
  • We create a serene and joyful atmosphere, while assisting you in grasping on to the moment so it never slips away.
  • We allow you to actually be a guest at your own wedding.

We at Personal Touch have already, done all the research for Planning a Wedding.  We know what services are available in our area and where the best deals are available.

Managing the plans for a wedding in the Bahamas should be the thrill of a lifetime for you, not an endless list of jobs for you to perform. This is where Personal Touch Designs steps in, because planning a Wedding takes top notch organizational skills, business flair and fortitude, all the attributes we possess.  

The Wedding Consultants of Personal Touch offers a couture style attention to detail, unmatched customer service, unique ideas with the finishing touch of your own chic or casual style.

See all of the packages we offer.

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